Security Systems

  • Intruder Alarms

    Intruder Alarms

    Detecting Intruders
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  • Video Surveillance

    Video Surveillance

    Control risks & minimise costs efficiently
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  • Access Control

    Access Control

    First Line of Defence - Authorise Movement & Traffic on your Premises
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  • Intercom

    Intercoms & Speakers

    Integrated Communication
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Video Surveillance

Control risks & minimise costs efficiently
Video surveillance is now an essential part of any security package and when used with other security measures it can help combat crime, and improve detection rates very successfully when using integrated perimeter protection systems, alarms and intelligent analytics programs. The benefits of video surveillance can be reduced security running costs, simplicity and reliability, identification of suspects, faster response to problems and increased peace of mind. At Iona Security we install the best of breed in IP video surveillance products such as IQinVision & ACTi cameras.

The latest video surveillance technology uses Megapixel cameras for higher quality images and run on your data networks using IP technology. The advantages for your business are
- Better quality recorded footage on playback for facial recognition
- Integration with other devices on your network for enhanced business management such as Access Control, IP telephony, Lighting and PA systems
- Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your video surveillance system and over reduce ongoing maintenance costs

At the click of a mouse using Milestone software you gain easy access to pop up information, video capture/storage, email and alarm interfacing.

IONA Security are Milestone Professional Certified which is the leading Open Platform Management System in the world - providing you with an easy to use software system to control all your secuirty requirements.

Milestone Video Management Software

Megapixel Cameras
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